Dear Teen Me

Dear Teen Me,

I know, life sucks these times and you‘re sitting, waiting, wishing for better days. I know, what makes you happy and keep on going, is picturing yourself in your mid 20s: Independent and having great hair and a perfect body.

Honey, age won‘t change anything. Shifts of dependency will always make you think, you‘re not Independent. And you will always struggle with your body no matter how much weight you‘ll loose, because it is your head that weighs way too much. Your hair will always be anything but straight and it will always be difficult to „totally get“ your curls.

You‘ll always wait for your mid 20s, if you don‘t start to see things differently. Free your mind and external dependencies will not be important anymore. Accept your body – he is always protecting you, carrying you along. Love and protect him, so that he will never loose his strength and always be able to keep you save. And trust me, your hair is perfect: whether it is frizzy or not.

Please, start your mid 20s now, because otherwise it really can be hurtful when you’re in your late 20s but Teen-you is still all over you.

You‘re sensitive and strong. You‘ll figure it out.

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