Dream big, they say, dream big and fly. Reach out for love, don’t stop, aim high. The sec you stop, the sec you fall, – hold on a sec, I tell‘em all.

Dreaming is no fucking game, There are no rules, no walk of shame. No do’s and don’t’s, no social norm. – No fucking pressure to perform.

Dear Teen Me

Dear Teen Me,

I know, life sucks these times and you‘re sitting, waiting, wishing for better days. I know, what makes you happy and keep on going, is picturing yourself in your mid 20s: Independent and having great hair and a perfect body.

Honey, age won‘t change anything. Shifts of dependency will always make you think, you‘re not Independent. And you will always struggle with your body no matter how much weight you‘ll loose, because it is your head that weighs way too much. Your hair will always be anything but straight and it will always be difficult to „totally get“ your curls. „Dear Teen Me“ weiterlesen

Fear of Falling

To fly is what I want to learn
To fly like birds like you
To see the world differently
To see it from your view

The fear of falling keeps me close
It keeps my soul, my will
I cannot breathe, I cannot think
It wants me keep still

The wind strokes my cheeks
And starts to talk to me
He whispers: Jump, you can fly
Jump and you will see.

The fear of falling keeps me close
It keeps my soul, my will
I cannot think, I cannot breathe
It wants me to keep still

Little bear, listen please, listen to your heart. Little bear, please believe, listen as a start.




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Think of a sheet, a meadow and a sea: You on the sheet, the sheet in the meadow, the meadow in front of the sea.

Think of thousand candles, thousand small boats and the sea: each candle on a small boat, each boat swimming on the sea.

Think of falling stars all over the firmament and the funny fact there is no wish you have.

Think of a light breeze that pets your cheeks.

Think of background music.

How do you feel? – Maybe it is a feeling you cannot describe. Maybe I can describe it for you : It is the same feeling that I have while seeing your smile.



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Left in the dark
Nothing to hold
Friend turned to shark
Warmth became cold
No place to hide no one to trust
Secrets inside, burble of dust
Question of truth
Remnants of soot
No need for ruth
This time so clear who still is right, A friend is near – I’m on your side.