Lass mich lachen, wenn du weinst.
Unserer Liebe wegen.
Rennen, wenn du stehst
allein im kalten Regen.

Ich will weinen, wenn du lachst,
Für alles, was wir sind,
Warten, wenn du eilst
Mich sehend tröstend blind.

Singen, wenn du schreist,
Wachen, wenn du schläfst.
Das Gegenteil tun,
von dem, was du mir rätst.


Fear of Falling

To fly is what I want to learn
To fly like birds like you
To see the world differently
To see it from your view

The fear of falling keeps me close
It keeps my soul, my will
I cannot breathe, I cannot think
It wants me keep still

The wind strokes my cheeks
And starts to talk to me
He whispers: Jump, you can fly
Jump and you will see.

The fear of falling keeps me close
It keeps my soul, my will
I cannot think, I cannot breathe
It wants me to keep still

Little bear, listen please, listen to your heart. Little bear, please believe, listen as a start.




pics by pixabay.com


Think of a sheet, a meadow and a sea: You on the sheet, the sheet in the meadow, the meadow in front of the sea.

Think of thousand candles, thousand small boats and the sea: each candle on a small boat, each boat swimming on the sea.

Think of falling stars all over the firmament and the funny fact there is no wish you have.

Think of a light breeze that pets your cheeks.

Think of background music.

How do you feel? – Maybe it is a feeling you cannot describe. Maybe I can describe it for you : It is the same feeling that I have while seeing your smile.



pics by pixabay.com